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Friday, November 12, 2010

Main masak-masak is one of my favorite activity when i was 5 or 6 (i don't remember actually).i used to play it with my childhood playmate(Diana) who is older me a year .my parents encouraged me this 'game' by buying me stuff for main masak..i still remember there was a cute frying pan,spatula n etc..i missed that moment so much..so back to sejarah masak2..there was one day i wore a skirt<always wear a skirt when i was kid>.me n my fren try to 'cook' rice..the real one. not like we used sands like before<kate main masak2>.so i went to my mom's kitchen seeking for the rice.i worked silently like a tiny mouse searching where did my mom put the rice.yes! i found it!! so i lift up my skirt n put the rice onto my skirt and fold it. yeyeye!!..i got the rice..so next mission was to sneak out from the kitchen..so i walked slowly n leaved the place without a trace..yes,i made it..at the backyard with my friend,we main masak2 with the real rice..

My interest into cooking is based on this story..i like to cook. yes i am.my first dish that i made by myself is omelette..i know its sound easy for u to cook.but i was 6 years old back then.my mom always beside me n guides me at the kitchen.Thats is why i always refer to her when it turns into cooking..

The interest on cooking getting stronger after i have done with my UPSR..i try new thing to cook<for me la..> i try to apply back what i saw my mum cooking at the kitchen.like nasi goreng, sawi goreng with oyster sauce<my favorite!!> and eggs soup..after i tried it,i made it!!!

years by years..cooking is becoming my hobby..i like to share my recipes with my friend and family..  even thought i am not a chef or and experts in cooking,cooking is my hobby.

so what i expect from this blog is:
  1. i can share some recipes from my own creation<suka masak campak2>
  2. so everyone can try and comment it here
  3. suggestion from u guys what is the best for improving the cook
  4. and etc..


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